Walks In History, LLC is excited to be operating in the most beautiful and historic city in the United States. Descriptions of tours and prices can be found by clicking here. Brochures are often available at our office door at 174 East Bay Street, Suite 303 (by appointment) or inside A Way 2 Insights retail shop at 111 Church Street during regularly scheduled hours. You may e-mail us at walksinhistory@gmail.com or call (843) 737-2119 or visit our reservation page for our full tour calendar.


Walks in History, LLC was founded by Geordie Buxton, a licensed Charleston guide and local author. Geordie guides most tours, yet other guides who assist are underwater archeologist and historian Michelle Damian with Pirate and Haunted History tours, Spirit medium Hope Rechea, and occasionally his collaborating author on several books, Ed Macy, with the Supernatural Charleston (also known as Haunted Charleston) tour. Walks in History offers unique walking tours in the French Quarter and Marion Square areas of downtown Charleston.

In the French Quarter, enjoy a Pirate and Haunted History walking tour along the waterfront. In Marion Square, an oft-forgotten part of Charleston, two more authentic tours are offered. The Marion Square History tour and the Supernatural Charleston tour (also known as Haunted Charleston Ghost Tour) take place in the heart of the historic peninsula, in one of the oldest and most interesting parts of the Holy City, including points of interest: the College of Charleston, the Old Citadel, a Revolutionary War Burial Ground, the Site of the Charleston Orphan asylum, the Second Presbyterian Church, and a life-size replica of The Hunley submarine to name a few. We offer the most authentic and detailed tours in The Holy City.


For information about medium Hope Rechea, who has been used to investigate many of the sites on the tours, please click here.


For more information about the Supernatural Charleston (also known as Haunted Charleston), Pirate & Haunted History, as well as Marion Square tour, view all three tour descriptions and prices here.

The Holy City's Most Authentic and Detailed Tours
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